Neighbourhood Plan

Please see the link below of the referendum results 25th May 2017. 

Voting was as follows:

Yes 1692

No 727

Spoilt papers 3

Neighbourhood plan 2017 

Examiners Report 

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What is it? - The Localism Bill was presented to Parliament on 13 December2010 to devolve more power locally . The Localism Act aims to reform the planning system to give local communities more say in shaping development in the areas where they live. This will be achieved through a new level of local planning known as “Neighbourhood Planning”.

Neighbourhood Plans will set out policies on the development and use of land in an identified Parish or neighbourhood area. Once plans are adopted they will become part of the Local Development Framework for Swindon and they will become a main consideration in the planning system when making decisions on planning applications.

Where there is a Town or Parish Council in existence, such as in Highworth, it is the sole job of that Council to write the plan. There is no requirement for a plan to be written and many communities will, no doubt,choose not to do so. However, one of the major decisions of the current Government was to rule that there will be a presumption in favour ofsustainable development when considering future applications. There is little doubt that communities, such as Highworth, will be expected to take their share of new housing when the Swindon Core Strategy is finalised and the only defence we will have is to try and direct that development to the areas that will satisfy the majority rather than giving the developers carte blanche to build wherever they choose, hence the decision by Highworth Town Council to write a Neighbourhood Plan for Highworth.

When writing the plan Councillors have to bear in mind that it cannot be used to deny development, but where development is inevitable, it will allow the Town to direct that development to where we want it and give us a say in design and density. It is important that the local community be consulted at all stages when formulating the plan because when it has gone through all its stages and is ready for adoption it must be put before thecommunity and voted for in a referendum in which it will only succeed if it gains over 50% of the votes of those taking part.

The Council has begun its consultation process and progress will be reported on this page of the Web Site. In order to reach as many people as possible Councillors have asked Highworth Community Partnership Group (HCPG) to assist with the writing of the plan which, when it is complete, will be supported by“The Vision”, the original Town Plan which HCPG is in the process of updating. HCPG will bear the brunt of the consultation and already has access to considerable data which was used to compile “The Vision”.  There will be more Public Meetings - in addition to the two already held, notes from which can be found below.

The dates of future Public meetings will be notified on this page, in the Link and on the Council Notice Boards when they have been decided.

Please click here to see the Powerpoint Presentation made at the first Public Meetings

Public Consultation Meetings 22nd and 24th May 2012 - Notes

Copy of the letter submitted to the Link advertising the next Public Meeting in September 2012.
Analysis of the Drop-In session in September 2012 

Following the February Drop-in to find your views about open spaces in Highworth, the comments and ideas have been tabulated and can be see here    

Neighbourhood Plan Working Party Minutes

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 Information available at the drop-in session on the 12th September 2015 is available from the Council Offices or here, just click on the links.

Overall map showing all the areas under consideration             

Attached to these links are the brochures or information sheets that the developers or agents who attended provided to the residents.

Cemetery Site    ,  Crane Furlong Site   , Redlands Site   , Shrivenham Road Site   .

Brochure showing all the sites

A photograph of the map shown at the previous Neighbourhood Planning Drop-in is attached here  please click on the image to remind yourself of the areas. The original map is Crown Copyright and the pictures are with thanks to Google Earth.  

Should you wish to put your comments forward with regard to the Neighbourhood plan we have set up a special email contact address.

Please direct your comments to alternatively, the Chairperson of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group is Councillor (Mrs) Pauline Webster.