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Highworth Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - reported by the Swindon Advertiser


Highworth Town Meeting Report from the Swindon Advertiser


Litter bin

The litter bin located at Paradise Path was initially removed due to building works taking place, it has been decided that this bin will be re-located in the town as it was being used inappropriately for household waste.

Lloyds new mobile banking service will be here from 5th April 2017 near the Old Library car park.  The service will run on the following days:

Monday            9:30 - 11:45

Wednesday     12:15 - 14:15

Friday              12:30 - 14:15

Highworth United Charities

The Trustees of Highworth United Charities invite residents of Highworth and South Marston who feel in genuine need to apply for a Relief of Need grant.  Application forms are available from the Highworth Town Council Office or from the Lions Shop in Newburgh Place.

Application forms for the Educational Fund (supporting the education or training of young persons) are also available from the Council Office or the Lions Shop.

New Bus Service for Highworth Announced


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Libraries Update


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Lloyds Bank Closure


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The Mayor of Highworth marking World Sight Day


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Highworth Town Council

The Climbing frame and swings at Barra Close Toddler play area have been refurbishment and were back in place before the end of October.  The Junior play-ground at the Rec was updated to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and has plenty to do for the busiest of little ones, so please go and try it out if you haven't been up there yet.  

Highworth Warneford School

See Swindon Advertisers coverage of the Opening of the new Sports Hall -


Nexus Project

Please follow the link to read about the new facility for the young people in the town


Commemorative Stone to Rex Warneford VC unveiled 7th June 2015.

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Dave Holden took the following pictures of the installation of the stone which weighs over 1 tonne......................

John Trollope Sports Aid Fund

The Mayor, Councillor Pam Adams made presentations to three of the Towns young sportspeople before the January 2015 Full Council Meeting. These were to Lewis Barnes towards his motorcycle racing, Lilly Gage for Rhythmic Gymnastics and to Daniel Martin for Tae Kwon-Do.  Well done to all of them.

The Opening of the Jubilee Playground The Mayor, Councillor Phillip Beaumont recently opened the newly designed Jubilee Playground at the Recreation Ground.  It has been laid out so that younger children can safely play on one side of the mound where the climbing frame has been extended and other small equipment added and older children on the other where there is a climbing wall, a football goal and a basketball ring. The Town Council funded this project. 

Cycle path campaigners set to link up towns

11:00pm Sunday 27th October 2013 in News By ElizabethMackley

Cyclepath campaigners, from left, John Kennedy, Deb Tremblin, Alec Bryant, AlfFortnum, Mick Cummins, Tanya Smith

CYCLISTS in Highworth are planning to form a charitable body to raisemoney to build a cycle path to Swindon. The cyclists have been leading a campaigncalled Highworth’s Missing Link to build a cycle path from Highworth to Swindonto enable commuters to travel safely along the busy roads. The group first met a year ago and now theyare hoping to form a charitable body to help provide funds to build it. Deb Tremblin, 56, a founding member of thecampaign group, said: “I am amazed at the cycle networks there are aroundSwindon, it’s really good. “But I am frustrated that there is no link betweenthem and Highworth. “Both of the roads that go from Highworthto Swindon are very difficult to ride, so Lew Lawton, who was the chairman ofthe Swindon Bicycle User Group and used to live in Highworth, called together ameeting of cyclists to see if we could campaign for a cycle path.”

A cycle path was first proposed severalyears ago to provide a safe route for cyclists to the town centre, and aproposed route along the old railway track was even printed on the Swindoncycle map. But since then little has been done,despite the overwhelming support for the initiative from Highworth residents. Deb said: “Members of the localities teamwent around Highworth asking what they wanted to improve and many people saidthey wanted a cycle path. “We also ran a survey to see what peoplethought. “All in all from the emails and the surveyresponses more than 100 people came forward, we were really amazed about theresponse.”

The group then approached cycling charitySustrans to see how they could go about building the link between Highworth andSwindon. Deb said: “We have spoken to Sustrans aboutit and really it’s about getting the funding together. “Our next step is to become a charity so wecan fundraise for it.” Deb, who is the manager of the libraryresource centre at Warneford School, in Highworth, also wants to get the linkset up so it is safer for students who want to cycle to school. She said: “I want to encourage morestudents to cycle but the school is on such a busy main road. “It’s so good for you and it’s so good forthe environment and it doesn’t cost anything.”

To find out more about the group, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Highworths-Missing-Link.

To share your views about whether thereshould be a cycle path between Swindon and Highworth, complete the onlinesurvey at sauc.in/-hw_missing_link.

18th October 2013


Above link is to the Swindon Advertiser - please be advised that the picture shown bears no resemblance to the small items of play equipment being considered.


17th October 2013

Highworth Town Council has received Planning Permission to erect a Multi Use Games Area and small skate board facility at the old Playground adjacent to Haresfield Play Area.  Councillors will discuss whether to proceed with the plans at the Leisure Committee Meeting to be held on  5th November 2013. 

Highworth Town Council has a Planning Application being considered by Swindon Borough Council for A Multi Use Games Area and a small Skate Board facility.  Please follow this link to see details - it is also on the Swindon Borough Council Planning website where your comments are invited. The Planning application can be found here (you will need to type 'the Dormers' in the search box to access the application).

Please click here to access the results of the recent Sporting Hub Consultation

14th May 2013

Highworth Town Council elects a new Mayor. 

Councillor (Mrs) Maureen Penny hands over the Chain of Office she has held for the past two years to Councillor Phil Beaumont. The new Mayor thanked Councillor Penny for all her hard work over the previous two years and announced that his chosen charity for the year is the Womens Refuge in Swindon. 

Phil Beaumont -

When I was elected Mayor of Highworth in May I said it wasan honour to serve serve as Mayor of this town. (and I thank my fellow councillors for electing me) You might think thisis an obvious thing to say but it really is a privilege to serve this community.Highworth to me has a distinctive character sitting on its hilltop with thischurch at its top. The town is easily seen from which ever direction youapproach. Highworth of course has a long history with settlements that havebeen here from Roman times.. But Highworth is much more than attractive hilltoptown it is a community or more accurately  communities within a community.

So what makes a community like ours a really good place tolive:

It has to have a centre, when you say you’re going into thetown people know where you are going, it’s this building and the otherchurches, the podium, the market square, the High street with its shops. Wecould do with some more but we do have some very good ones

But a community is more than buildings it’s what people doand Highworth does a lot of things, a festival every four years, an annual MayDay Market, an annual Produce and Craft show (I hope I’m allowed a plug hereit’s on 7 September  at Warneford I shallbe running a raffle for my charity) to continue choral evenings, folk singers,a town band, sports clubs in profusion football, tennis, cricket, badminton,bowls and so many others and it seems even more leisure clubs beer and wine,art, photography and close to my heart gardening, I’m so pleased to see the wayHighworth in bloom has taken off in the past couple of years. Just as pleasingis the way the Highworth Community Partnership has got  the Community Centre up and running on theNorthview site. Looking further afield the Twinning association has establishedlinks with friends in Pontorson and Wassenburg.  We in Highworth do an awful lot. The list ifis not endless it is very long.

People in our community though don’t just do stuff they helpeach other as well. Watching out for vulnerable people, sorting out problems-making sure they are not exploited by some of the nastier elements in society andI know from my own experience, supporting others when times get tough. Buthelping others is extended beyond our town, through the Fair Trade initiative,contributing to the local food bank and then there is the charity sponsorshipswimming, walking , marathons all shows how much this town cares for itscitizens and others.

So that’s why I feel it is an honour to be mayor ofHighworth, it is not just a nice place to live it is the people who live herewho make it special for me, as I think it does for us all

Finally I want to say a few words about my charity theRefuge which you will be hearing about a little later. I first heard of therefuge when as the Women’s Refuge the United Reform  Church had a talk on its work as part of itsannual Harvest supper, at the time Anthea and I thought what a great charity,helping victims in all parts of the community, so I’m delighted now to have itas my charity for my mayoral year.

Highworth starts its third year as a Fair Trade Town - read all about it on the link to the Adver below................................


24th February2012

Highworth Rec Centre

Highworth TownCouncil, Swindon Borough Council and the Rec Trustees signed the ManagementAgreement which sets out the principles   Signing the Agreement

of the ongoing Management of the RecCentre following the huge financial contributions of Swindon Borough Counciland Highworth Town

Council to keep the facility open for Highworth Residents. Approximately ayear and a half since the approach by Swindon Borough Council

to the Town Council to ask for a contribution of £50,000 to keep the Rec open the documentwas signed on behalf of HTC by The Mayor,

 Councillor (Mrs) Maureen Penny, Councillor Pam Adams and the Town Clerk Mr David Lane as well as parties from Swindon Borough Council and the Rec Trustees.

A Press Releasefrom Swindon Borough tells of the overwhelming support of the Highworth Residents to keep the Leisure Centre  - shown

by a townwide consultation.


4th October 2011

Highworth Running Club






29th September 2011

The Fox Roundabout


29th September 2011

Highworth Allotments                                                  




23rd August 2011           

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